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Scratch off labels are commonly used to secure credit cards, gift cards, phone cards and activation code cards against tampering and theft.


About Our Security Scratch Off Labels

Our scratch off labels are designed for paper and plastic cards with mass production in mind. We’ve tested materials and adhesives extensively to engineer the most secure scratch off labels at an economical price point. All orders undergo a strict quality control process before shipping out to ensure label performance meets our customer’s strictest security requirements.



  • High opacity label with a strong, clear poly substrate
  • Strong resistance to abrasion, moisture, peeling and tape lift
  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and authenticating elements to choose from
  • Completely custom security labels to match your specific requirements
  • Industry standard 3″ roll core to fit most labeling equipment
  • Best pricing and fastest turnaround time in the market

High Capacity Rolls

Time is money! High capacity rolls contain 3x – 5x more labels and can significantly increase production line efficiency.

  • Fits most high capacity attachments with minimal or no adjustments needed
  • Holds up in high-speed production environments
  • Lightweight and easy to use

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